The Purpose of Creation

I had a conversation recently about creativity and the purpose of sharing one's creative output. As a consumer and admirer of literature, film, and art, lately, I have a strong pull towards editing what I allow myself to consume. There is so much out there and I now see the wisdom and sanity behind "the joy of missing out". What I want to consume (and what I want to create) is something that elevates. The short film above is such an example.

Cool Dance Moves

Speaking of modern dance - here are some cool dance moves to learn courtesy of Nature.

Not Milk

Russia, go vegan! These oat milk ads for Ne Moloko (meaning Not Milk) appear to be airing on TV in Russia. And nice to see a product that is made in the country.

Kingsland Wildflowers

I went to Kingsland Wildflowers rooftop garden today. It is located in the industrial area of Greenpoint. Above is the view from the roof and below is the same with flowers. Much more optimistic, isn't it?

My dream is to have a yard or a terrace and grow only local flowers and grass on it. Isn't this beautiful?

Hardworking bumblebees. I haven't seen this kind before - with very pale yellow coloring. Kingsland Wildflowers website says that the project is committed to "expanding natural habitat and green corridors for bird and wildlife populations." So nice to see this oasis of life in one of the most polluted ares of New York City.

Dear Ice Cream, See You in 2019

I am going back to "no refined sugar" rule. I had quite an extended break from it that was mostly due to NYC heat that calls for ice cream.

There were couple of instances of vegan hazelnut sorbet from Amorino.

There was a taste test of the "experimental" ice cream from Republic of Booza. Not for me, but points to them for having vegan options. (My hand is absolutely filthy here because I was on the way from a dog run known to all as a "pig pen" - there is no way anyone comes out clean after five minutes there).

And the winner out of all these samplings is Thai rolled ice cream from Frozen Sweet. Finally made it there last week. Nice vegan options (plus vegan cones!!!) and who knew that incorporating actual strawberries into the ice cream equals magic!

A special mention goes to Gelateria Gentile (that has been around since 1880 in Italy and now has a NYC store). They told me on Instagram that their vegan flavors are melon, strawberry, peach, banana, mix berries, green apple & kiwi, lemon and dark chocolate. The night when I went there, they were sold out of all but dark chocolate. My companion said that it was the best chocolate ice cream he has ever had. It was pretty good even though that is not the flavor I would normally get. Minuses: no vegan cones and thousands of plastic spoons they must go through every day. I now see those pretty but harmful spoons tossed all over the neighborhood.

And right when I say that I am off refined sugar, guess what Trader Joe's comes out with? Vegan waffle cones!

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Рада выбору веганского мороженого в разных кафе.

More on Gaga

Excited about seeing Batsheva Dance Company tonight. I found a video (in Russian) that breaks down main elements of Ohad Naharin's (Batsheva's choreographer) style:

And here it is in comparison with other famous choreographers.

These Are Our Demands

Love this! Especially "More animals" and "Ego Death ASAP".

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Хорошие требования!

Giving Up on Ferrante

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I managed to be organized and prepared for my trip to Russia. One item I made sure to bring was the second book of Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan series. I haven't read fiction in a while and was looking forward to a bit of "escape" with this one. I started the book in JFK's check-in line and finished it on the plane coming back.

After reading about a half of the book, I came to the conclusion that I will probably not read the rest of the series. It also made me wonder what is "Ferrante fever" all about. Why are these books so popular? I agree that the first book was pretty good. It had the following going for it - children, as protagonists, female friendship as something to be explored, and Naples as a historical setting. Book two did not feel particularly special and felt very "women's fiction". I found that I did not care much about the characters. Sure, I want to find out what happens to them but in a "gossipy" type of way, where reading through the summary online is sufficient.

I now moved on to Bunin's book I got in Russia. What a difference! Every sentence is rich and fulfilling. What a pleasure to read such writing. However, I suspect that it won't be nearly as good in any translation. Maybe, it is the same with Ferrante's books? They are amazing in Italian but get lost in translation?

My other guess is that the series are popular because of the setting and time they represent. Maybe nothing has been written on the subject?

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Решила не дочитывать Неаполитанские романы Элены Ферранте после второй книги. Потеряла я интерес в судьбах героинь и повествование стало как сериал какой-то, а вот изюминки нет.

Batsheva in Russia

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Found this video of Naharin's Virus as performed by Batsheva dance company in Moscow. I wonder what the text will be in English. Do they adjust it for every country? Can't wait to find out.

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Нашла видео выступления Батшевы в России. Интересно какой текст будет в Нью-Йорке.