Me and My Girl

Excited about seeing MGMT soon! They were amazing the last time I saw them. And how about those 80s? They faked the sound and look & feel perfectly. Also, there is a Russian version of Me and Michael. Good luck trying to get this song out of your head! :)

P.S.: I must see the movie they used for the Russian version. I am getting Soviet Union flashbacks - the camp, the outfits, everything.

Sufjan Does the Oscars

My spirit animal, Sufjan, at the Oscars.

Things That Sell Out Fast

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That sweater - I got it.

Link Love: Marie Kondo Does Netflix

Anyone else excited about Marie Kondo getting her own show on Netflix? I can't wait.

Other items for this episode of "link love":
  • My new dentist is so cool that there have been news articles written about her. I can confirm her loveliness. (Please, never change or only for the better!) For example, her practice is filled with art so it does not feel like most generic sad dental offices. Here is my favorite piece.
  • Mission: get toilet paper that (1) is friendlier to Earth than regular kind, (2) does not come wrapped in plastic, (3) comes in bulk so that I no longer have to try to find the single rolls from Seventh Generation, and (4) is not too expensive. Result: just ordered a ton of these.

Call Me By Your Name

Have you seen Call Me By Your Name yet? What did you think? I went to see it last night and I really liked it. It was very pure - nothing fake or about. I like when the viewer is respected as someone who gets it, who does not need over-the-top tricks. I also really want to read the novel now.

And, I guess, I will have to watch the Oscars this time even though I usually do not have enough interest to spend Sunday evening on it. Sufjan's song from the movie got nominated!

My Love, Don't Cross That River

I can't stop watching this trailer! I ordered the movie on Netflix, however, it looks like it is also available online.


The milk industry is trying to put up a fight with a sad #Februdairy campaign in response to Veganuary. Meanwhile, Mike Stura from Skylands Animal Sanctuary posts a video of a calf rescue. How amazing for that calf and how said at the same time. Do you see all those plastic boxes that seem to be stretching out indefinitely? They are filled with boy calves that are taken away from their moms right after birth, so that the milk that was intended for them, can be stolen and sold to humans instead. Grieving moms, crying babies, plastic boxes, freezing cold. I just can't. :(

I hope more and more people will wake up to this and more businesses (e.x., Elmhurst Dairy is now plant-based Elmhurst Milked!).

Good News

I don't know what it is about this video (the sneakiness, I guess, and also that the camera no longer follows the interview), but I think it is one of the funniest things out there!

Some good news recently. First, for NYC people. Bareburger chain of restaurants is going to open an all vegan place soon! And not only that, they've added Beyond Meat burgers to their regular menu (I am boycotting The Impossible Burger that they also serve).

And, this is such great news in my world! Thank you, Switzerland, for moving towards compassion.

2018 Resolutions: Week One Update

I was able to sample what life is like with my 2018 resolutions for an entire week. I think I will keep them. :)
  • I went to the gym twice and tried a new yoga class.
  • Found time to do some projects around the house that I've been procrastinating on, for example, organizing the entry closet.
  • I found it interesting that on Saturday, when I was allowed to be online for any purpose whatsoever, there was not much that I wanted to check. As if I got it out of my system and it is not so interesting anymore.
  • Time is limited on weekday evenings and there is that tendency to feel like a hamster in a wheel. I have to remember to pause and savor the things that I am doing, no matter how mundane. I should try to remember, that I don't "have to do" these things, but I "get to do" them.

Moments of Joy

Some moments of joy from this week.
  • After I put my contact lenses in early one morning, I felt that something was unusual outside. When I looked out, I saw the above. A beautiful path created by the moon. It was stunning and the photo does not do it justice.
  • Another morning, a big snow storm was promised. As I was getting ready to go to work, the first snowflakes started falling. By the time I headed out, there was a good amount of snow on the ground and barely any people around. Oh, what joy to be the fist to step on the snow. No other footrpints yet!
  • New year's resolutions are going strong! Worked out this week as promised and am in pain here and there from sore muscles. However, also noticing the stronger core. That area that tends to "collapse" when tired, stressed, carrying heavy bags, not mindful. This week I felt that it is back - my core, my center.