Night School

I got to see about ten documentaries combined at this year's and last year's Tribeca Film Festival. The one that I loved the most was Night School from 2016. I kept checking for release dates or the trailer, at least, but nothing was announced until recently - the film finally got purchased by a distributor and is now available for streaming. It is such an honest and humble movie without any pretense. Highly recommended!

Three for Saturday

Three things I want to share:

About Last Night

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Such a good concert last night for Sufjan and Co.'s Planetarium album! Sufjan was preaching about putting more effort on exploring the universe that is inside of us. I know, Sufjan, I know. Working on that.

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Three for Sunday

Three things I loved recently:
  • The adorable vegan themed illustration above.
  • A Gathering for Introverts - someone pinch me, is this really happening? I've had an idea for years to start a similar meetup group where three vegan couples would go out for dinner that would also be non-alcoholic (alcohol just dumbs everything down, IMHO).
  • About to start this book: Goodbye, Things, because less is more.
P.S.: I updated my meditation journal. I don't do it weekly anymore, as I found that my mind tends to dwell a lot on how I will write experiences down, rather than being present in them 100%.

Three for Saturday

Three things I loved recently:
  • Discovered Andrew Bird for myself. The song above (featured in The Young Pope, by the way) really grew on me. Something about it makes me want to listen to it again and again. And this album is so nice too. I went into an "Andrew Bird" Internet black hole yesterday, complete with browsing his wife's Instagram. :)
  • Behind the scenes at the Met. How cool!
  • This photo represents my state of mind well. It is now my new desktop background, for sure. :)

Gone Gone Totally Gone

I've been listening to Tibetan mantras at work. There is that point in the day when mindfulness from morning meditation wears off and I need a little pick-me-up. Right now, my favorite mantra is the one from the end of the Heart Sutra - GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE BODHI SVAHA. Meaning is something like this "Gone gone totally gone totally gone over the top, wakened mind, So, ah!" In the rendition above it starts at minute 21. I love how Gyuto monks' chanting got combined with Deva Premal's voice, but I wish there was no music in the background. Those flutes are too much sometimes. :) For more bare bones version, how about Dalia Lama and company?

It would be interesting to try meditating with these.

P.S.: Also, just found this one - Thai flavor, anyone? So good!

Thoroughly Enjoyed

Finished watching The Young Pope. I just had to see it considering it was done by Paolo Sorrentino and wow, what a treat! The beauty, the faces, the music, scenes set up as if they were paintings, and the acting! I never payed attention to Jude Law before, but he was excellent in this. One scene in particular was so impressive - Pope's speech to the cardinals. Jude Law got transformed into totally crazy person!

I was also happy that while there was some sex and nudity in the show, it was not excessive (this being an HBO production), and while certain violence was assumed, it was not displayed in graphic detail.

Have you seen it? What did you think?
ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ

Вы смотрели Молодого Папу? Какой замечательный красивый сериал!

Shoes, Spring 2017 Edition

Once again, I need new shoes. Sneakers, in particular, and also something easy and comfortable. The latest wonderful development is that more and more companies now have vegan models. For example, Birkenstocks and Tom's Shoes. I can't believe I am considering Birkenstocks - I always thought them particularly ugly. The one model I am attracted too is not available in vegan version yet, but I am also thinking of these (in black or dark green) - they might be more comfortable than flip flops:

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(Birkenstock Madrid Essentials)

For sneakers, there are the following contenders:

(Tom's Vegan Del Rey Sneakers)

Or how about these?

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(Native Shoes Apollo XL)

Goodbye and Hello

Working on decluttering here and there. Said goodbye to two things. First, a Buddha, that was a gift and that spent several years with us. Brought him to a nice charity thrift store. He looks the same as when he was gifted to us - a bit beat up around the edges but that adds character. :) Second is the adorable and very soft sheep, that was helping to provide many nights of sweet dreams. She is going to textile recycling. Thank you, things!

But, there is a new arrival also. This pomegranate from far away lands. Welcome!