Eddies in the Stream

(Photo source: Daniel Mayovskiy on Unsplash)

I was listening to this Rick Hanson interview and felt "high" from some of the things he said. For example, just thinking about "front edge of now" and "fertile noise" puts me on another level. And what he mentioned at the end of the podcast - determined actuality versus infinite possibility and how enlightened people are able to see both of these at the same time. That was so beautiful! It made me search for more on the subject and I found this article by him called "Eddies in the Stream". It is one of the most profound descriptions I've ever encountered of the way things are.

Taika Waititi's "Boy"

I am making my way through Taika Waititi's filmography. He created Two Cars, One Night, that I love so much. I even saw Thor: Ragnarok - probably the only comic book movie I was willing to sit through. Looking forward to watching "Boy" this weekend.

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У меня новая любовь - Таика Вайтити. Этот клоун снимает очень хорошие фильмы.

A Large Gaping Hole

Oh, this is so good! Cartoon by Aaron Diaz. Found via Victor Shiryaev.

Cartoon by Aaron Diaz - English version

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Русская версия:

Cartoon by Aaron Diaz - Russian version

The Overstory by Richard Powers

The Overstory by Richard Powers

There is a novel out there that I've been looking forward to reading. I think it was this review headline that caught my eye: "The Heroes of This Novel Are Centuries Old and 300 Feet Tall". Trees as main characters? Wow, that is the book for me! And the cover is so lovely. Planning to start The Overstory by Richard Powers next week - was on a waiting list for it at the library.

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Роман где главные герои деревья? Это для меня! Заказала The Overstory Ричарда Пауэрса в библиотеке и на следующей неделе долгожданная книга будет в моих руках. Ура!

"My Brilliant Friend" Trailer

Have you seen the trailer for "My Brilliant Friend"? It looks great! There is also an article in Vogue that goes behind the scenes to introduce the four girls that play Lenù and Lila - all of them new to acting. Amazing!

Although I gave up on reading the series, I did enjoy the first book a lot.

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Уже совсем скоро сериал "Моя Гениальная Подруга" выйдет на HBO. Вы собираетесь смотреть? Вот интересное интервью с переводчицей книг Элены Ферранте.

Postcard Art

These postcards from Apartment on Belmont would be nice to send (or receive) or to simply display.

Girl with hare
Girl with dog
Two donkeys

(Images source: apartmentonbelmont.com)

The Search for a Perfect Cutting Board

Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen Acacia Cutting Board

It was time to say goodbye to the two plastic cutting boards that we've been using for years. The small one was a housewarming gift, the bigger one, I might have bought at Ikea.

In my typical fashion, I looked at hundreds of cutting boards online and in stores hoping to find the ones that would be functional and pleasant to look at. I was definitely ready to move away from plastic ones, especially since, as vegans, we do not have to worry about meat contaminating porous wooden surfaces. I am still unsure whether we need two boards - I will see how it goes. For the bigger one, I've selected this Williams Sonoma acacia wood board. Considering that it has no reviews and that I've selected it solely based on look and feel of the sample I saw at the store, it will be interesting to see how it performs. I like how the one that was shipped to me looks like it has an outline of a building on it - like the Empire State or Chrysler building.

My main project for this weekend is to season the board with mineral oil.

Do you have a preference as to cutting boards? Wood, bamboo, plastic, or composite ones like Epicurean that seem to be everywhere?

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Какую разделочную доску вы предпочитаете? Я вроде нашла подходящую.

Cruising with Timothy "Speed" Levitch

Waking Life is one of the most unusual films I have ever seen. The Brooklyn Bridge scene, featuring Timothy "Speed" Levitch, is one of my favorites:

Mr. Levitch is also known as an excentric NYC tour guide and there is even a documentary about that, which is also really good (love his descriptions of life as a "cruise" and of things that are evil as "anti-cruise"):

Wouldn't it be interesting to meet him? This Saturday, I will have a chance to let him know that I am a fan as he is scheduled to perform at Joe's Pub. Also, need to add this book to my TBR pile.

Meditation Journal

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I've decided to compile my meditation journal entries here (originally posted on Dharma Overground and reddit/streamentry). They are in reverse chronological order and I will update this entry regularly.

Dreaming of Sarafans

In Russia, "sarafan" is a type of an easy, flowing summer dress with shoulder straps. To me, the word is associated with childhood dresses and sensory memories of summer and ease - no layers of clothing to restrain you.

These dresses from Emerson Fry are so beautiful. I really want to try them on and maybe wear the black one out to dinner in the city on a warm summer evening or the print one on a weekend at the beach.

Emerson Fry Print Summer Dress

Emerson Fry Minimal Black Summer Dress
(Photo source: emersonfry.com)