Another Summer Week

Another lovely summer week in photos:

New York City Sky


I finally made it to the pool. It takes a heat wave to inspire me to go - so lazy!

Subway Train Evacuation

A subway train I was in stalled suddenly. After some waiting around we were asked to evacuate. I was all excited thinking that we would have to walk through the dark dangerous tunnel but that dream did not come true. :) The first car was right at the station so that is where everyone exited. The evacuation went very smoothly and no one freaked out on this crowded train during the rush hour.


Noticed this strange looking pretty plant in the park. It is so nice that someone takes time to plant unusual things for everyone to enjoy.

Metropolitan Museum

Went to the Met with a friend. Being the fashion designer she first ran to see the fashion exhibit and I am so glad she did. It is simply stunning! The subject of it is China's influence on fashion. It spreads out to the Asian art galleries and in some rooms, the gowns are presented with movie clips projected on the walls. I felt like writing down the names of all of these movies - they look so interesting presented in this way.

China Through the Looking Glass
China Through the Looking Glass
China Through the Looking Glass

John Singer Sargent

And this stunner is from John Singer Sargent exhibit. So good! I want to come back. And you should see the hats they sell right after you exit the galleries - all those "lounging in the countryside with my aristocratic friends" hats. Of course, I tried all of them on. :)

John Singer Sargent

This painting was not part of the exhibit but I saw the print in the store. What a cute couple, no?

Metropolitan Museum Roof

Needed a break from too much visual stimulation and went to the roof of the museum.

Central Park

Afterward, strolled through Central Park and ended up at the Boathouse Cafe. Was surprised to see how big some of the turtles are that live in this lake. They float around staring at you, hoping that someone from the cafe will feed them.

Pool Table

Played a game of pool and lost. :)

NYC Skyline & East River

Nice view from the pool room.

Korean Food

Saturday night, we went to Flushing, Queens for the first time to try bibimbap at the restaurant that my Korean coworker has recommended. Bibimbap was OK. Flushing was very exotic but clean and civilized.

Sugar Sugar Dessert

Businesses have very funny names in Flushing. And there are lots of bakeries like this.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

There was a long-long wait for this book at the library but finally it is my turn! Excited to read it.

My weekends are lovely but exhausting! Looking forward to the workweek, so I can rest. :)

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