My Italian American Friday

My dog took me on an epic exploration walk through our neighborhood on Friday. I let her lead wherever she wants and the weather was really nice, so we were out for a long time. One place she took me to was the Giglio Feast street fair. The Giglio Feast - this tradition seems so unusual and exotic to me. It comes from the Italian city of Nola and celebrates Bishop Paolino, who lived in the early 5th century and his story is kind of cool because there were pirates involved. I keep missing all the processions and ceremonial events associated with it and this was the first time I walked through the street fair during its peak hours. The main symbol of this event is a giant column with a statue on top. The street fair also feels very surreal - it has scary looking rides and greasy weird food and the vendors and games operators are a sight in itself.

We continued walking and ended up on the street where I never was before that led me to discovering the location of an old Italian restaurant called Bamonte's, opened since 1900. I've heard about that restaurant and made a mental note to try it one day, but never walked by it until this day.

After the walk, I suggested the following to my husband - "let's stroll through the street fair because you have to see how weird it is and let's go eat at Bamonte's". We did just that and I took some photos.

The Giglio Feast Street Fair
Meatballs, Johnny Fasullos's Sausage...

The Giglio Feast
The Giglio Feast Street Fair
Food was OK at Bamonte's - it has a mass produced quality to it, not homemade, like some of the other excellent Italian restaurants in the neighborhood. However, it is worth checking this place out because of the atmosphere. The guy in the blue shirt looked so familiar but I can't remember where I saw him. Maybe he is an actor?

Brooklyn Street Art
On the way home, found this cool street art.

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