Понедельник - День Весёлый / Hooray, It's Monday!

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Посмотрите на это чудо!

Я ещё нахожусь за городом, но сегодня мы возвращаемся домой. На пути, мы заедем за одим сюрпризом, о котором я вам скоро расскажу.

This albino kangaroo is so damn cute!

We were able to extend our mini summer vacation until today, but in few hours we will be heading home. On the way, we are picking up a surprise that I can't wait to share with you. Happy Monday!


  1. Oh oh. I LOVE this pic. Ha ha. Hippo xx

  2. I know, right? Where do I begin with this photo - so many cute things going on at once? Take those eyelashes, for instance!