Get Off the Internet

A message from Sufjan Stevens. :)

Speaking of the drug called Internet, I want to share my results and technique when it comes to staying offline.

At one point it got pretty ridiculous with Instagram - I was checking it so much that I felt like I am loosing focus in other areas. I was getting frustrated with myself. Instagram was my only active social media account (I am not on Facebook, for instance), so it was even more addictive because of that. So what I ended up doing was quitting cold turkey, but with an exception that I am allowed to check the feed once a month (the first of the month, to make it easier to remember). Somehow, magically, I've been able to stick to that. It's been almost three months. The big shock was the realization that came when I did go on it - the amount of time it takes to catch up with one month worth of posts is ridiculous. I was following about 40 accounts but had to reduce that number to about 20 and it still takes a long time!

The other thing that happened - as one form of drug was taken away from me, I've discovered something else - reddit. I was amazed at how friendly and useful reddit communities can be. My favorites are "Vegan" and "Buddhism". So, I started spending more and more time checking reddit and eventually, I had to use the same rule for it as for Instagram - ok to check it once a month only (the middle of the month works for me).

As a result, I don't feel like I am out of touch and I get to enjoy these sites, just not every two minutes of my life. :)