Jazz Weekend

Do you like jazz? We do enjoy it when we get to see it, but do not follow the world of jazz in general. However, because of my favorite New York Times section, the Sunday Routine, we saw an amazing jazz band last weekend. You see, I love finding out what my fellow New Yorkers are into via the Sunday Routine and a recent article featured a jazz aficionado. One of the clubs that he goes to every week is The Village Vanguard, so we've decided to check it out also.

We booked our seats ahead of time because they sell out. Basically, we just picked an evening that worked for our schedule, so we were not sure what to expect in terms of the band. That night the performance was by Tom Harrell's Quintet and they were so good! Tom Harrell is a famous trumpet player and I was curious to find out more about him because of his talent and an unusual way he carries himself.

Turns out he has to overcome physical challenges in order to function. The interview above shows what a humble, talented and dedicated person he is.

Unrelated to jazz, but another unusual thing about that weekend was an instance of synchronicity that was pretty extreme. My friend came over Friday night (I do not see her very often - maybe 3 times a year or so) and we walked around the neighborhood. She spotted a thrift store and we went it. Now, my friend is a restorer and guess what she saw in the store - exact porcelain figurines that she is restoring right now! How crazy is that? They were about $10 each at the store, while my friend charges thousands of dollars to put broken ones together.

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