A Shift in Consciousness

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This was the line outside of by Chloe's (a vegan fast food cafe) 2nd location on the opening day. Last time I went to the original by Chloe in the Village, there was a line stretching outside too and that was in the winter! Screamer's vegan pizzeria that opened recently also had lines on the opening day. They had a special promotion that day, but still, I am impressed that people dragged their butts to Greenpoint where Screamer's is located - not exactly in the center of the city. A shift in consciousness or just a fad? I think it is the former.

In related news, Pret a Manger opened a vegetarian/vegan pop-up store in the UK and it's been so successful that they are keeping it and might open more. And vegan products are top sellers! Pret's CEO says: "The top selling eight new products at Veggie Pret are all vegan, which either shows that vegan dishes can be just as delicious as veggie dishes, or we have underestimated how strong the vegan movement is." Pret, bring it to the US!

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