Summer So Far

I recall that last summer I treasured every day of warmth and sunshine, but this time it hasn't hit me yet that it is summer. :) I do not know why - I guess I am too preoccupied with other stuff like finding time for all the things I want to do. Need to stop and smell the roses (or linden trees that are blooming right now). :)

So nice that a lot of restaurants now allow dogs at their outside tables. Also, can there be too much avocado sushi? I don't believe such thing is possible. :)

How cute are these dancing mice? I was curious about the company that created this card (Saturn Press) and their story sounds so lovely: two people live on a remote island in Maine called Swan Island and one designs the cards by hand and the other prints them. They do not have a website either.

A magical sunset.


Vegan donuts from Dunwell.

From Lenin to Gogol and everything in-between at a local used bookstore.

I end with this sexy butt.

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