Big Week

This is going to be a big week for my neighborhood. First, Whole Foods store opens tomorrow; second, Apple store opens on Saturday. What a change for an area that less than 10 years ago was considered dangerous - mostly industrial zone with prostitutes and drug dealers on the streets.

I am very happy about Whole Foods, because it will save me time. I usually go to the one in Chelsea or Union Square at least once a week and now I would not have to make that trip. Also, things that I tend to buy cost less at Whole Foods compared to regular stores and it has better selection. But my number one reason to shop at Whole Foods is its bulk section. You know how I detest plastic garbage, so I love that I can bring my own (compostable) bags or reuse the bags multiple times when buying things like rice and beans.

In other neighborhood news today, a big one - an announcement that our subway line will be closing in January 2019 for long repairs. Good reason to move to Italy by that time, don't you think? :)

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