Brooklyn Cat Cafe

What are your plans for this weekend? I want to go to Brooklyn Cat Cafe and spend some quality time with various felines. Last few days I've been obsessively watching their Kitten Cam. I love it but I am also worried about the white kitten that seems to be a runt. His silly young mom does not bother with him much. Poor thing sleeps by himself while brothers and sisters climb to a higher shelf to stay with mom. Breaks my heart!

Last night I checked the cam to see how he is doing and caught him climbing into the litter box and doing his business while his little eyes were shining extra bright in the night vision camera because he was concentrating. :) So cute!

Oh, and there is also a rat that lives in the same enclosure! They let him hang out with the kittens sometimes.

Update: The kittens were at the vet's when I visited. The white one is a runt and he has a heart condition. Poor little guy (or girl). When I expressed my concern that he sleeps all by himself, I was told that that is not true - he sleeps with the rat. :) The rat has free access at all times to where momma and her kittens live. Two of the kittens must still be at the vet's as of this morning because I do not see them in the kitten cam. I hope they are OK.

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