Vedge in Philly

Cheesecakes at Vedge. Save me one! :)

We haven't done any family trips yet this summer. Hubby went to Seattle and Nantucket while I stayed home to take care of our pup/piglet. We want to include her as much as possible because she loves being with us and doing new things - especially on weekends.

One weekend trip that we've been considering is visiting Philadelphia. I've never been and while my husband visited it in the past he has never done the "tourist" stuff. Long time ago we tried to go there and actually drove half way, but my wisdom tooth decided that it wants to come out. :) I was really uncomfortable so we turned back to New York.

One of the main reason we picked Philadelphia is because of Vedge restuarant. All these esteemed vegans (and many non vegans) seem to love it. So we made a reservation and are planning our trip around it.

I read that Vedge is so popular that one can only get a reservation at 5 or 9pm. And, of course, we could only get 9:30pm. :)

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Besides Vedge, I really really really want to get this at Blackbird Pizzeria. Potato pizza is my favorite thing to eat in Italy and I miss it.

Otherwise, we want to visit some museums (any recommendations?) and take our dog to Valley Forge Park (suggested by my coworker).

I am looking forward to our summer 2016 family trip. :)

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