The Artist Date: On Meditation

I am grateful for last week's "artist date". I finally went to the Vipassana group meditation in NYC. I expected it to be very social but it wasn't so. I came in the middle of a one day retreat (one does not have to come for the entire day), right at the end of lunch break, but not everyone was on break - people were actually meditating, so obviously there was not talking except for few whispered instructions. So, even though I did not get to really meet anyone, it was so nice to meditate for an hour and afterwards, I felt just like one feels after a very good yoga class - such deep peace and relaxation. I can't wait to go again. The center is close to my job and it is open every weekday evening and most weekends. So convenient!

As for this week's artist date, I am planning to see a documentary called "On Meditation", at the Rubin Museum.

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