The Artist Date

I got The Artist's Way a year and a half ago, but never got to read it beyond the chapter on the morning pages. I picked it up again this week with determination to read through the entire thing. So, I am on chapter for week one right now. Right away, it made me want to do the morning pages again. It's been three days so far that I've been writing them (in addition to some exercises from the book) and already I am feeling that there is something special about this exercise. I am writing silly insignificant things down, my mind jumps from one thing to another and I write that down without worrying that this type of writing is not structurally correct and then, bam! - all of the sudden these significant insights come out from under your pencil. How does that happen? Amazing!

I've also decided to make a challenge out of it - "30 days of morning pages" challenge where I write for half an hour every morning. In addition to that, another half an hour of learning on I am getting increasingly bored and frustrated at my job, so looking to expand my skills. Currently, I am doing a course on WordPress. :)

Another exercise that I want to try from that book is the one called the artist date. Basically, you make yourself go somewhere to see or do something that will refill your creative juices. You go by yourself and you make sure to do it every week. My artist date plan for this week is to go to the Vipassana meditation center in NYC. I've been meaning to do this ever since I came back from the retreat in May. It is for "old" students only - those who did the ten day retreat and are familiar with the meditation technique. The center has a free library - I am looking forward to borrowing something from it.

I am certainly not short on ideas for future artist dates. For example, I can infinitely go to the Metropolitan Museum and never get bored. It is giant! But, in the near future, I want to go to the Cloisters (I've never been), to the High Line park (I love the landscaping of it with native flowers and grasses) and to the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum (located close to the Russian Consulate, by the way, so whenever I went to renew my passport, I made a mental note to go to that museum one day).

And speaking of artists, I stopped by this pop-up gallery today on the way from the farmer's market and really like two paintings in there. Photo of one of them is above. We need art for the bedroom, so I am on a lookout for something that will feel just right. I really like this painting but I think the dimensions of it will not quite work - we need something horizontal, not vertical. Maybe the second painting will work - need to consult with significant other. :)

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