Philly Notes: Favorite Things - Disco Chick'n at HipCityVeg

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I did not know that Philadelphia has a booming vegan food scene. All I knew were the names of two places I wanted to try - Vedge, the famous restaurant, and Blackbird Pizzeria. We tried those, alright, but what we really fell in love with was a chicken burger called Disco Chick'n at HipCityVeg. The person behind the counter said that it is their most popular dish. Hence, we ordered it and liked it so much that we came back for it before driving back home. Now, we keep talking about how good it was. :) HipCityVeg, please come to NYC.

Also, I am fascinated and inspired by the owner of HipCityVeg, Nicole Marquis - she is so young and already has three different restaurants that are expanding to other cities. Just like the lovely Chloe Coscarelli.

P.S.: While we are on the subject of delicious burgers, I am planning to try this one on Sunday.

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