Philly Notes: Favorite Things - Quince Street

We got back from Philadelphia on Sunday night. It was nice to get away from the city to another city. :) But, there is no place like home, of course.

I am going over the photos and want to post most memorable ones here.

Let's start with what I liked the most in Philly - we stayed near this adorable very narrow street called Quince Street. There were other narrow streets like that - I called them "alleys", but this was the prettiest one. Besides being charming, one can not help but wonder about its history. Also, I bet it is so lovely here when it snows.

Note how on this block the trees are leaning in a zigzag pattern.

No cars, cobblestone. So nice!

Can I please have a little house one day where I can grow things that make life beautiful? I don't know how, but I am willing to learn and develop a green thumb.

Trees are straight now and aligned perfectly.

British flag? Feels wrong, somehow. :) Revolutionary War and all.

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