Books / Movies This Week

I love finding out about what people are reading and watching and in case you do too, I want to share this week's selection.

First of all, I am on chapter for Week Five from The Artist's Way. I try not to rush ahead and read a chapter a week, so that to follow the intended schedule suggested in the book. I've been doing the main exercise from it - the morning pages and I love it. As for other writing exercises, I haven't really been doing them, but I kind of process them in my head. This week has a fun one where you list five desires and then spot any images of these desires as you go about your life and save them in an Image File. Not knowing about this assignment, I've already started the image collection last week! (One of my desires is to have a garden, and I saw a photo of one that I like, so I saved it).

I am only half way through the book but I am already finding that it is working its magic. Also, this week I was reading it in the subway, and a woman sitting in front of me commented on how amazing it is and how she read it 15 years ago and it changed her life! She said that she's been doing the morning pages ever since! I told her how I now get up every weekday at 5am to write them. :)

I want to send a copy to my Mom and gift one to my best friend. I want my husband to read it too. I want to recommend it to everyone!

Another book I read this week and finished in few days is The Four Agreements. I like to read posts on Awakened sub in reddit and someone posted the actual agreements there. They piqued my interest so I ordered a copy at the library. The book seems to be written simplistic at times, but I really like the underlying messages. The four agreements themselves are so good and they basically reiterate ideas from Buddhist philosophy (right speech, right effort, no self). I now repeat them throughout the day and even write them down as affirmations in the morning pages. I've been so happy and mellow this week even though it is very stressful at work - the agreements are working. :)  I asked my husband to read this little book before we have to return it. I think he will find it very useful too.

As for watching, I am really looking forward to starting The Forsyte Saga this weekend - I got the first DVD from Netflix. I started reading the book about 20 years ago (oh my!) but never finished it. I recall that it was very good. I get to finally find out what happens. :)

And what are you reading / watching?

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