Fall Shoes

Usually, I take time to get used to trendy items - those that everyone seem to be wearing all of the sudden (e.x., fashion for silver Birkenstocks or, this summer, it was versions of this). As time goes by, the trendy pieces become such a common occurrence that even if I found them ugly before, I start feeling like I would not mind wearing them. :)

One trend I love, however, is the popularity of loafer shoes. Not too long ago, I could not find them in stores at all (the vegan versions)! I first noticed them on my Italian friend and in street style / fashion week photos from Milan. Now, they are finally easily available and while trying different versions this weekend, I went for the ones from Chinese Laundry. They are not even 100% loafers - just a flat in a style of a loafer, but I love how streamlined they are (the color looks brown on the photo but they are actually grey). Also, I wore them to our wedding anniversary dinner and to work several times this week and did not get any blisters.

Wondering, if I should get these too - will keep them at work as my "in office only" shoes. Also drooling over these.

And I found fall boots I like. All my boots "died" last spring, so I had none. With these, I can wear my favorite "uniform" of skinny black jeans or pants and a nice minimal sweatshirt.

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