Good News Network: Plastic

Hubby and I were joking that we will create "Good News Network" that only features positive, uplifting stories. Of course, we were not going to realize this idea so I am glad someone else did. :)

However, I have good news to share that would be a perfect story for our imaginary news site: France will be the first country to ban plastic plates, cups and utensils. I hope other cities and countries will follow. New York City was the leader when it came to banning smoking in restaurants, but is lagging behind when it comes to environmental protection - still waiting for it to ban plastic bags. When that happens, I think I will throw a party. :)

Also, because we were away to Woodstock, we missed the official Beach Cleanup Day, but no worries, next weekend will work just as well. :) (Here is a post about last year's cleanup.)

Below is the list of most common items collected during cleanups. Let's try to avoid these as much as possible. Staws, anyone? (The restaurant I went to over the weekend had paper straws. How awesome is that!)

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