Next Up: Yoga Challenge

Vegan Donuts from Dun-well Donuts

I am happy to report that I've completed the 30-Day Challenge without skipping any days! This is a first one for me - not giving up on a goal like that. Not only I was able to make progress with the tasks, but I've also trained my willpower. I've read somewhere that it is like a muscle - it gets stronger with practice.

As for the tasks, I think they are now a habit. I will continue doing them. I love writing the morning pages and I am very happy with progress I am making by taking courses on because they bring me closer to my creative goals. For example, I am discovering the world of Illustrator and I've been practicing it a bit and it is so much fun. I also kind of enjoy getting up at five on weekdays and having an hour to myself before the day begins.

And what is the point of doing a challenge without a mini prize at the end? Mine was these vegan donuts (above) from Dun-Well Donuts. I split them with hubby, of course. :)

What's next? The new challenge is taking yoga classes twice a week for the next month. I got a beginner package at Dharma Yoga, but once that is up I will most likely try to find something in the neighborhood. There is one place I am considering that is about 15 minutes away and I like that because in addition to yoga, I can get my "10,000 steps" type of exercise. I used to get that easily with my dog every day but she is senior now and walks slowly, so we do not get too far on the daily basis.

I am looking forward to being stronger and having better posture. Time magazine had a cover article about exercise and a mix of cardio and strength workouts is recommended, of course (150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week and twice a week muscle strengthening). Well, yoga counts as a strength exercise. Time says: "Lift your own body weight and flow through intense poses, and yoga will give you strength with a side of mindfulness and stress relief."

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