A Consolation Prize

Silver Loafer
(Image source: ModCloth)

So, we bid on an apartment last night. A beautiful place with outdoor space. Most likely we will not get it, as we bid below asking and that's ok, because searching for apartments reveals so much:

- how nice our current place is in many ways and that it would be impossible to get the same amount of space unless one is a millionaire
- how stressful it is to move
- how expensive it is to buy, to sell, or to get a mortgage

I also do not regret going through this because it forced us to sit down and figure out our finances and what can we can actually afford and what kind of mortgage we can get.

So, most likely we will stay put for now and as a consolation prize (as soon as we get the official "no"), I will get myself these shiny pretty loafers. :)

Also, all these doubts came, like: "Will you be even good at taking care of outside space - it requires plants and all the work that goes with them and you have no skills in that area." Hmmm, the inner critic, the one that is scared of taking risks and anything new, to you I say "Yes, as a matter of fact, I will have a garden one day and I will learn to take care of it and I will become good at it, even if not right away."

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