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I am home with a cold. Can't wait for it to go away. I had a sore throat for about a week and it kind of came and went, but I finally succumbed to the virus yesterday. Could it be the stress of bidding on that apartment?

Now, let's talk about this week's books and movies and food. :)

I watched the first disk of The Forsyte Saga and I loved it. At first, I was surprised at the pronunciation of main character's name - Irene. They say the last "e" which I thought would always be silent. And the actress, that plays Irene - after the first episode, I was not sure about her. She certainly looked unusual, but, was she pretty enough for the role? But then, something happened and OMG, I now think she looks so stunning! They even put her in a dress like this, except red. Amazing! I also loved the storylines related to gossip and that made me think about my family - how there is always family gossip going on. And, I know, Irene's husband is to be hated but I kind of feel bad for him. I love love love shows where there are no perfectly good or bad characters, because that is how it is in life. It is complicated! Besides being witty, The Forsyte Saga turned out to be scandalous, suspenseful, tragic and lovely in every way. I am hooked! Can't wait for disk two to arrive in the mail. And I also want to read the book.

When I was on amazon looking at covers for The Forsyte Saga, this little book showed up on the page also. I so liked the name that I ordered it at the library. It also does not hurt that the author is "the most underrated novelist of the century". I miss reading fiction and looking forward to digging into this one.

I also noticed that The First Monday in May is available for streaming on Netflix. Remember, how this spring I went to a bunch of movies at the Tribeca Film Festival? I wanted to see this one, but it played on a workday (it opened the festival, actually), so I could not make it. I will watch it this week. I enjoy seeing Anna Wintour bossing people around. :) I find powerful women really fascinating.

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As for food, this weekend we have a reservation at Modern Love! So excited! I want to try this dish, because I consider myself a vegan Caesar salad connoisseur.

And on Sunday, I finally want to try an acai bowl. I've never had one, so my friend and I will be going to the lovely Little Choc Apothecary for brunch. I just hope my cold will be gone soon.

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