Bushwick Open Studios

(Street art on the way to 1717 Troutman)

If you are in New York and have no plans for the rest of Sunday afternoon, I encourage you to go to Bushwick Open Studios event. So, until yesterday, I did not really know what it is - we went one year to one of the locations to meet with friends and it was a small gallery type space with some funky art. But, this year, I researched it better and yesterday, I went to 1717 Troutman Street building which is just made up of artist's studios. There are these long corridors with what seems like endless amount of rooms to the left and right (reminded me of a favorite scene in the movie L'amore in Città). In each room, there are actual artist's studios where they make their creations and that are filled with tools, smells, inspirations, etc. The artists are there and sometimes their kids and dogs are there. :) It feels like you are visiting a friend and they give you a private tour of their creative workplace. And of course there is the art! I was most blown away by Shih Chieh Huang' installations - his workspace looks out of this world, full of moving glowing "creatures":

And, for the polar opposite, I loved Lawrence Kenny's minimalist sculptures and studio:

Today, we are planning to go to another huge building full of studios at 56 Bogart Street. I hope you can attend too. This is an annual event so if you can't make it this year, make sure to make a reminder to go next October.

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