The Artist Date: Arbus and Klee

It was a good Sunday. I did not procrastinate. I meditated / exercised / studied Italian / played piano / cooked / cleaned. Life is good.

I even managed to do an artist date. At first I wanted to stroll through the park and visit the beloved Met, but when I checked what's currently showing, it mentioned a Diane Arbus exhibit at something called The Met Breuer. Turns out, the Met got the building where the Whitney Museum used to be and they show modern art there. So, I went for that.

The walk through Central Park turned out to be stressful. It is always very crowded by where the park starts - I should just avoid that area all together, but I love the lake and the birds that are there. So, I am walking by the lake and it is very crowded and then, on a narrow sidewalk, I reach a spot where there is (a) some kind of ballet photoshoot going on and (b) a guy is proposing to a girl. The proposal is being shot by about 15 photographers - WTF? And here I am trying to move on and not be in those photographers way and it is impossible and of course one of them started telling me to get out of the way as if I am ruining his perfect once-in-a-lifetime shot. I lost it there and snapped at him. After that, it took some time to calm down my anger so I did not enjoy the park much. :) But once I reached the museum, I moved on.

Diane Arbus: A young Brooklyn family going for a Sunday outing, N.Y.C. 1966

Diane Arbus - I was only vaguely familiar with her work so it was great to see it in person. The exhibit has lots of photos that are from private collections. Looking at them is like visiting the 60's and while fascinating, I do not know if I would have liked living in NYC at that time. It was much grittier. Above is "A young Brooklyn family going for a Sunday outing, N.Y.C. 1966"

The Met Breuer

I like the windows in this building. I show them to you Diane Arbus style. :)

Paul Klee: Angel Applicant

I also went to see a Paul Klee exhibit in the same building. His work is varied and very interesting. The message I walked away with is to not be afraid to create - draw, paint, etc. He certainly seemed to have fun with it.

Above is Klee's "Angel Applicant" - how I love that name! Sorry for crappy photo. Please see a better version here.

Fall Colors NYC

So, very inspired by what I've seen and I am also inspired by colors outside that are happening right now. Particularly these trees that are half green half yellow. I want to draw green-yellow things now. :)

P.S.: Also, since I tend to forget minor synchronicities, I want to write this one down: when I got home after the museum and loosing my cool in the park, I was doing a new Italian lesson in Duolingo and here is the sentence that it gave me: "There are too many people in the park. / Ci sono troppe persone nel parco." Thank you, Duolingo and the universe, for confirming my conclusion. :)

"Творческое Свидание" на этой неделе проходило в The Met Breuer. Встречалась с Дианой Арбус и Паулем Клее. А на улице встречалась с осенью.

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