Happy Vegan Thanksgiving!

Today, I would like to introduce you to the bird that made my husband stop eating turkeys. As a birthday gift for me in the spring of 2011 my husband organized a little day trip to one of the animal sanctuaries. This was probably our first time going to a place like that. We drove there, parked, and started heading towards the main building down the road to register for the tour, but were stopped by the guy on the photo. He obviously was checking out all new arrivals and proclaiming that he rules the place and makes all the decisions. He was so cool and full of personality. He followed us a bit - such a good greeter and host! :)

During the tour we met some other turkeys and learned that they change the color of their skin when they get love and attention - as if they are blushing.

During that time, my husband was a vegetarian mostly except that he would on rare occasions eat fish / seafood and would also eat turkey during Thanksgiving. He explained the turkey thing with "it's a tradition, once a year is ok" sort of excuses. But, this changed after the visit to the sanctuary. He said that he can no longer eat turkeys after actually meeting these birds and he kept his word ever since.

The moral of the story is - take your loved ones to farm animal sanctuaries. :) Some local ones that we've been to: Skylands Animal Sanctuary, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, and Catskills Animal Sanctuary.

And here is a post on the same subject, that I loved:

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