Happy New Year!

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Friends, hope you are having a lovely New Year's Eve - whatever is the perfect celebration for you. Maybe it is surrounded by cheering crowd, maybe in a circle of friends and family, maybe just enjoying your own lovely company.

We are going to celebrate at Ladybird. It is a splurge, but once in a while is ok, right? It would be nice to kick off the new year vegan style. :)

Also, non-Russians, did you know that in Russia they have something called Old New Year? Basically, it has something to do with a change in the calendar, I believe, and gives Russians another reason to celebrate. I do not recall it being mentioned much when I was growing up, but maybe by now its popularity has grown in proportion - not sure.

But what is really cool is that if you are in NYC, you can celebrate this occasion with a vegan five-course Russian dinner that is coming up soon! Brought to you by @rawsomerussian and Little Choc Apothecary.

P.S.: Nice compilation here to get you inspired for a great year: 11 Ways to Be a Better Person in 2017. I love #1 and miss Mr. Cunningham a lot. Make sure to see the documentary about him. What a great human being he was!

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