A Mess

These are before and after photos of our kitchen island this evening - 5pm vs 7pm on Friday. You see, I am a messy lazy procrastinator and my husband decided to make two kinds of desserts last weekend and somehow forgot to put things away (when he makes something, it feels like a hurricane went through the kitchen - but I love him anyway). Kitchen island is the most central spot that is always on display and yet it is where everything tends to accumulate. I hate it when it is cluttered. I want to make 2017 a year where we can enjoy clutter-free life and this spot is most representative of a difference that makes.

Oh, and speaking of procrastination, I put up holiday lights tonight. Do you think it is too late? :) I think not - just in time for the biggest Russian holiday - New Year's Eve.

And, I don't think I told you before - we are now proud owners of a second Earl Swanigan painting. :) I believe this one is called "Bug-Eyed Crow".

Also, I have another PSA for you: now is the time to get Valentine's Day gift for a guy in your life. :)

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