Four for Wednesday

[ Not Milk - :) Saw this card at Kinokuniya today.]

Link love for this week:
  • Do you need emotional advice? :) I've seen this boy at our subway station. His advice regarding vegan diet is adorable.
  • Any Vanguard fans here? I just finished reading this interview with Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard. Always nice to see a different side of financial industry - not a greedy side. Btw, I've discovered "Financial Independence" group on reddit and it is great inspiration for a frugal saver and aspiring minimalist like me. I especially like the "Daily Discussion" thread.
  • Now following these on Instagram: caroline_joy and allthatisshe. Attracted to them due to their color palette and minimalist esthetic.
  • This is my screensaver for the winter.

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