2017 Resolutions

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I am into New Year's resolutions. Thanks to this blog, I was able to look up what 2016's were and tally the results.

This year I am going to tackle very big things, things I've been struggling with for years.

Resolution #1: Curbing my internet procrastination / addiction. I can check Instagram feed once a month (on the 1st of each month) for 30 minutes and reddit once a month (on 15th of each month) for an hour. This is a very strict rule and not to be taken lightly. If I break it, I will have to donate money to Donald Trump (horrors!). If I keep it, I can make a donation to a charity of my choice every month.

Resolution #2: Mindful eating. I am not to eat and multitask (particularly eat and be online, eat and watch TV, eat and read).

Resolution #3: This is a fun one - making 2017 the year of minimalism by doing a project called "365 Things", where I will reduce possessions / declutter by 365 items. My home will have 365 less things - would not that be amazing! I will report here weekly on what got discarded.

And what are your resolutions?

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