Friday Link Love

+++ Hubby was working on a project that features this song, therefore, I got to hear it a lot! I know they say it is cheesy, but I do not care - it puts me in a good dancy mood. :)

+++This fall/winter I've learned a lot about chestnuts thanks to my Italian friend, so tonight I am making the recipe she sent me for Chestnuts and Chickpeas soup (instructions are in Italian but are easy to translate with Google Translate and are so obvious, you might not even need to). By the way, I like the word for chestnut in Italian - castagna and the word for chickpea is very funny and simple - cece. Did you know that Cicero was named after chickpeas? A fun fact I learned while doing my favorite language nerd thing to do - look up etymology of words.

+++And, my previous favorite desktop photo got replaced with this gem (poop and all). Found it in this article.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. We are going back go NIX tomorrow to celebrate a birthday. Did you know that NIX got a Michelin star? I can't wait to get my favorite dish there.

P.S: Just realized that the Russian word for chestnut - каштан (kashtan), sounds very similar to Italian castagna. Quick check in Google confirmed the same origin!

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