Major Theme for This Year: Meditation

The Mind Illuminated

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, reducing time spent wasted online resulted in time being available for more productive things. Enter meditation.

Some background: In April of last year I went on a 10-day silent meditation retreat and one of the things I took away from it was the importance of daily meditation practice. Before the retreat, I would sporadically and infrequently meditate for about 20 minutes or so and would often find myself in physical discomfort towards the end of meditation sessions – my legs would fall asleep, etc.

On the retreat, there was about 10 hours of meditation every day! It forced me to find meditation postures that I could tolerate better, forced me to notice how my ability to meditate varies throughout the day, how other people sit, etc. I also practiced sitting through physical discomfort. At one point, I remember that I was able to meditate for about three hours straight! An hour of meditation became something totally doable. When I returned home, I was determined to do what was recommended to us on the retreat – one hour of meditation in the morning and one in the evening. However, I quickly found that it is not so easy with my schedule. So, I reduced it to one hour. Then, day by day life got in a way and I’ve succumbed to old habits of procrastination and laziness and returned to my sporadic meditation schedule of the past and come to think of it, I don’t believe I meditated more than 10 times since June.

With new year, I am hoping to instill new habits and meditation is one of them. I’ve mentioned last week how I started doing it regularly – 45 minute sits every day.

Then, this week I got the book called The Mind Illuminated. I’ve been meaning to read it every since I’ve noticed a lot of talk about it on meditation forums in the last year. I started working with it – doing an hour of meditation in the morning, and following the techniques. I hope to stick with this. So far I have six days of one hour meditation under my belt. Will try to not break the chain. :)

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