Resolutions - One Month Update

Peaceful Provisions Donuts

Haymaker's Corner Store Italian Sub

You owe it to yourself to try these! Read below.

Wanted to update you on my resolutions challenge.

My #1 resolution was about avoiding procrastination with Instagram and reddit. I am very happy to report that I was able to stick to it! As a reward, I will make a donation to this local rescue group (as you recall, the punishment would have been making a donation to Trump). Another reward was getting donuts from Peaceful Provisions. (By the way, if you haven't tried them yet, do yourself a huge favor and do so ASAP! We got a cannoli donut and an everything croissant donut today - both amazing! Also, while you are at it, get an Italian Sub sandwich from Haymaker's Corner Store (photo above) and you will be in gastronomic heaven!)

But, I got distracted... Couple of observations regarding resolutions. I still managed to procrastinate online but much much much less. The newest culprit is getting stuck watching videos on youtube. One night, I spent about four hours watching Tom Ford videos (I will make a post that will explain :) ). The huge benefit that resolution #1 has provided me with is extra time to do stuff that is actually important, like meditation. Currently, I am in the middle of week two of daily one hour meditation. This is a HUGE achievement for me, HUGE! And I am having most amazing experiences while meditating. I started a journal here, if you are interested.

Another observation - had to adjust the limit I can spend on Instagram. Impossible to check everything I've missed in 30 minutes! And I only follow about 30 feeds. Maybe I can edit that number even further. The thing is, most of the ones I follow, I really like.

A sad observation - when I check Instagram once a month, I always find that one dog or another has passed away.

On to resolutions #2 - mindful eating. I am still struggling with this one but there is definitely progress. It helps to have a strong intention in my mind to not follow my old ingrained habits.

Decluttering resolution - the weakest link, so far. Need to step it up!

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