2017 Resolutions - Week One Update


Checking in regarding my resolutions. Week one is behind us and so far so good! I was able to stick to my most important resolution regarding wasting time online, so I do not owe a donation to Trump. :) That resolutions makes such a difference in my life! I actually have time! Without constant distractions, I find myself a bit bored and looking for stuff to do. So, this week I got to study Italian, finish a book that I've renewed about four times, play the piano, meditate, clean and declutter, cook new things, exercise and much more.

As to my second resolution - mindful eating, it is a bit of a work in progress, but I was definitely better at it than my usual. I was able to do it at home most of the time, but still need to adjust my habits at work.

And resolutions number three - decluttering. Above are some of the things to which I said goodbye and thank you this week.

- Book on organizing that I've had forever and moved with me from apartment to apartment. I never read the whole thing, never found it useful but held on to it for some reason. Maybe, because I thought that one day I would get truly organized. :) I paged through it briefly this week and see how outdated it is by now and how advice that it gives is not really for me, e.x., buy storage containers to put under the bed. What? No! I do not want to have so much stuff that I need to put it under the bed and I do not want to buy more things. Plus, now there is a book on organizing that I truly love (The Life‑Changing Magic of Tidying Up) and which I read in one breath. So, this old book is going to either Strand store or to the public library (a branch by my job has a book donations drop box).

- All the New Year's celebration junk that was given to us at Ladybird. Dropped it off at Goodwill.

- Packaging that I just left in my closet while rushing to get dressed. Disassembled it so that hard plastic part can go in recycling.

- Hand made gift that is very sweet but not something that we would use. Went to Goodwill.

- An old magazine. I thought I needed something from one of the articles but by now I realize that I can just let it go.

- More packaging. Was procrastinating on taking this one apart so that hard plastic piece can be recycled.

- Hair bands that are too tight so I avoid using them. Cut them open and tossed.

And how are your resolutions going?

P.S.: Here is some minimalism inspiration from Japan. That is some hardcore stuff! I like how these shots are not styled - just simple basic homes, however, I do tend to prefer rooms that have some beautiful objects in them - not just barebones empty apartments.

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