Decluttering Progress

I was allowed to check my Instagram feed today and was so inspired by @superfine_brooklyn and @mariekondo - inspired to clean up and declutter, even if just a bit. I have figured that doing one shelf in the bathroom is doable. This is the shelf I use the most and I went with advice to only put things there that I use daily. BTW, as seen on the shelf, I just got a new SPF moisturizer this weekend by MAC Cosmetics and a sample of a night cream. My skin has been acting up lately and I still have not found my holy grail skincare products. Any suggestions?

And I was able to declutter a bit in the medicine cabinet. Said good bye to these rarely used / almost finished / expired things:

Getting rid of my last container of deodorant. I no longer use it - sick of it ruining whatever I am wearing and this one was not cruelty free either.

Anyways, hope you have a lovely week. I am excited about tomorrow - going to my friend's Oath Ceremony. She will officially become a lawyer. Don't know what to wear... :)

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