Gifts From Italy

My Italian friend, who currently resides in NYC, went to visit her family in Milan recently and came back with lovely gifts for me. Before her trip she asked if I have any requests and my request was a book, of course - any book that she liked in her childhood and that would be easy enough for my level of Italian. She was kind enough to follow through with that, and more:

Of course she got me Gianni Rodari - the author that was very popular in Soviet Union! I am enjoying this book so much and learning many new words. This is basically my first exposure to past tense verbs. I've only been exposed to present tense before. :)

We found out that we both like the same lip balm, so she got me that also!

And a chestnut spread! Thanks to my friend, this past winter I got to experiment a few times with chestnuts - roasted them and made a soup. I find their flavor very unusual but interesting. This spread is very sweet and the Musician (I will call my husband by this nickname from now on) almost finished the entire jar already.

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