A New Chapter at Work

My four-year anniversary is coming up at work [time machine: post about finding this job]. We have an exciting event happening tomorrow - we are all set to move to a new office! It is just across the street, so some of the rooms in the old office had a prime view of the new place. Here is a photo I took on Thursday from CEO's room:

View of the new office

Yellow arrow is approximately where I will sit. The super exciting thing is that it is the first time in my career (spanning different professions) that I will have a proper office desk by the window. Having natural light and the view of what is happening outside would be so nice - rain, snow, sunshine. I had two requests regarding seating assignment - to sit by the window and to not be near very chatty people. Well, I got the first one but somehow it appears that I got placed next to extremely chatty coworkers instead and not only that, but next to no. 1 complainer too. Oh, well. Thank God for headphones.

We packed on Friday and beforehand, I took a photo of my old desk:

My office desk

I will not miss this windowless nook, that, while appearing private and separate, had everyone walking behind my back all the time, talking, arguing, gossiping, and slamming doors. The new office is bigger and will fit all of the companies that our company has acquired in the last two years, so there will be lots of new people.

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