Mazes and Ferrante Fever

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante / Моя гениальная подруга, Элена Ферранте

My nephew, who lives in Russia, has his birthday coming up. Do you know the Russian saying about books being the best gift one can get / give? Well, a book is what I am getting him. :)

When he was little, we sent him "Where's Waldo?" and he was hooked. He asked for all of the books in the series and I believe he might have a complete collection. I am not sure if he still can do this, but it used to be that if you go to his house and pull out "Where's Waldo" book and open it on a random page, he could instantly tell you where all the characters are hidden.

The other thing is, we all want him to be into reading books, but from what I hear, he is just not that into it, so the book I am getting him is the Russian edition of Ultimate Mazes. :)

And since I was already ordering something for delivery to Yoshkar-Ola, I wanted to get my Mom a book too. So, I got her the first book in Elena Ferrante series (here is a link to Russian edition). I haven't read it yet, but hope to soon. And, as my Mom received the package, the news came out this week that HBO is doing an adaptation. Another reason to read the books soon - would be fun to compare. Have you read Ferrante? Did you like the series? I have no idea what to expect, but knowing that I am particularly interested in all things Italy, there is a good chance I would enjoy her writing.

P.S.: While preparing this post, I noticed the bad design for Elena Ferrante's book covers - the choice which was supposedly done on purpose. But, on my blog, I choose which design to include, so I went with much more interesting Australian edition cover. :)

Ultimate Mazes / Невероятные лабиринты

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