Onegin - Perfection!

Слыхали львы? 😂😂😂

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"Eugene Onegin" was perfection last night at the Met! Earlier in the day, I found out that Hvorostovsky, who was supposed to play Onegin, cancelled most appearances due to a brain tumor. I was a bit sad that he would not be performing, as he was so good as Onegin last time I saw this opera. But needless to say, that he should take care of his health and return to the Met one day to sing the role again. But even without him, this opera is just so freaking beautiful. The music almost melted my heart, Anna Netrebko and her partner were great and I was sitting at the edge of my seat, as if I was watching for the first time.

Here is the final scene of the same production from couple of years ago - same singers as last night.

As for production, it was very good and traditional, but the previous one I saw was just striking in its minimalism which brought out the beauty of the story - I hope they will do that one again. Also, I found it unusual that they used rifles for the duel scene. Don't they have pistols as props?

In other news, I started reading Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend yesterday, and I am totally hooked. It is so good! It has very funny bits too, in the style of tough gritty Neapolitan humor (as I imagine it) like: "he had gone to war and died twice: drowned in the Pacific Ocean, then eaten by sharks." It is also making me reflect on my childhood friendships.

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