One Day My Closet Will Look Like This

I am strongly drawn to minimalism and feel that a great way to start "living" it is by changing one place that I see multiple times every day and whose messy overflowing look drains a bit of my energy every time I encounter it. The closet. Here is how much stuff I ideally want to have - only the most loved and essential pieces:

This person happens to wear my favorite colors too. :) I like the idea of capsule wardrobes and even more, I love the idea of a personal uniform. For me, it is skinny black jeans and black or gray t-shirt with some kind of minimal logo-free sweatshirt on top. Add motorcycle boots or minimal, preferably logo free sneakers and I am all set - feeling comfortable and, frankly, stylish, in such outfit.

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And, thanks to my favorite blog, I just learned about "Inside Sara Berman’s Closet" exhibit at the Met. Definitely planning to go. It will be my Artist Date and hopefully will provide a push to get to my closet already! How can it not - this incredibly stylish woman, Sara Berman, not only had a beautifully minimal closet herself but would organize closets when babysitting her grandkids, so growing up they thought that was what everyone did on weekends and that "It seemed not just normal but joyful." :)

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