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In my meditation journey, I went through a period where I felt a sense of overwhelm in daily life. It felt like little things were too much - there were so many of them and I could not possibly succeed in doing them all.

Another development was sensing internal energy and a great interest in therapeutic ways of working with it. As I've been discovering and experimenting with various methods, I found a state of being that feels like a glass of calm clean water. When I am in that state, my days go very different. There is no desire to watch or read anything, to distract myself with something online. Such activities feel like something that would pollute and cloud the water, they feel extraneous.

While the "clean water" feeling is particularly strong on certain days, it also tends to influence my life in general. For example, I might have mentioned here how it would be nice to stay away from news. I've had long stretches of time where I've been able to follow that, especially after the current president got elected - the news feed got particularly ridiculous. But, unfortunately, quite often there were such horrendous events happening, I could not help but read about them and then read some more and then keep clicking to see if there are any updates. One feels tempted to watch the horrific footage of witnesses from cell phone cameras, the descriptions of victims, etc.

However, I came to realize that this obsessive behavior is not healthy. And, actually, most news feeds / sites / alerts are not good for us. The sense of overwhelm I had made me rethink what I want to let in my life. If I were to break down what news is - it is a stream of energy and, this day and age, it is very negative energy. The news outlets make money if they get more viewers / readers and the best way to attract general population is by putting up something shocking and fear generating. Fear is a powerful emotion that would make one keep coming back.

So, I quit the news for good. The only thing I check regularly is Veg News, because I love observing how veganism is spreading. Also, some events still get to me through word of the mouth. For example, within the last two weeks people told me about the following: shooting in Vegas, Tom Petty maybe died (and then died for real), and hurricane is coming to Louisiana. About two factual sentences for each without any additional and constant analysis, details, speculation.

But what about activism? Any situations that I might possibly get involved with in any way, tend to get to me somehow. For example, I get e-mails from charities when extra donations are needed here or there or e-mails about activities like the Animal Rights March. So I feel like I am not missing out there.

As a result, I don't get that sense of overwhelm lately and would love to keep it that way by guarding my senses so that the water stays calm and clear. Having control over whether I want to allow unnecessary negativity in my life is also a great tool in spiritual development. Highly recommended!

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