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I feel like I can go to the Met every weekend and still not get enough of it - it is such an incredible place. For example, the museum is currently featuring David Hockney. The only association I had with his name was something about him painting the landscape near his house in Britain in different seasons. Due to such limited knowledge, I figured, that I should attend a guided tour. Tours are given by volunteer curators (so can vary in quality), but I do find them worth it if just for the fact that you would learn about something that you otherwise would have strutted by without paying attention.

Turns out, there is a painting by David Hockney that I have definitely seen in the past, maybe even growing up. Is it possible that an image of this reached Soviet Union somehow - in a magazine or some art book? And - those outfits, that hair!

Mr. Hockney is very prolific and the galleries of the exhibit are a time machine of his artistic development. It is fascinating! I loved the room with double portraits, especially that of his parents. He painted his Mom with so much love in her expression.

His drawings of friends are incredible. Here is his self portrait.

And, I loved the displays that show his process of drawing on the iPad. Apparently, Apple updates the drawing application just for him.

Great exhibit if you want to dive into into the world of David Hockney.

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