2018 Resolutions

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Hello, the first morning of the new year! Before I do my first meditation of the year, I want to reflect a bit on 2017 and make some resolutions for 2018. I just reread my prior resolutions posts - again, I am glad I have this blog so I have a record of those. It is interesting to see my "evolution" over the years.

So, 2017. Great year, amazing year for me. The main reason is because I have accomplished something I've aspired to for decades. I meditated every day starting with around January 10th of last year. I have not missed a day! (Here is a link to my meditation related posts.) Now, I would not think of not meditating. It is like brushing teeth - essential. This showed me that I can stick to something, if I put my mind to it and gives me great inspiration for 2018.

2017 was the year when I did not have a single cold. That was probably for the first time in my entire life. I credit meditation for that. I also stopped consuming refined sugar in May so that might have helped.

Meditation brought up something that I was not aware of before - internal energy and ways in which it manifests. I got so curios about the subject and so inspired by this fascinating account, that I booked a session of my own. That was at the end of August. The session itself was amazing (I could not believe what my body was doing), but even better was the feeling I got afterwards. That evening, I felt such a profound sense of equanimity. I really want to go back to that feeling. I was also fascinated by the fact that the therapist can do remote sessions too - the other person can be across the globe. Wow!

Right away I felt that this is what I want to learn. Ways to help people by working with internal energy. I am planning to attend the teaching this spring, but meanwhile, I've figured that I should find out what Reiki is all about. Or more like, I was on my computer one day and there was an ad for Udemy class on Reiki and I felt this strong pull to click the button and register. Prior to this, I had no interest in such things and always thought of Reiki as something questionable. Well, fast forward few months, and here I am - doing Reiki sessions on my family and friends. :) (There are some aspects of Reiki tradition that I do not subscribe to - symbols or repeating symbol names. I can see how they can be useful to concentrate energy, but I find that there are other ways to accomplish the same. Turns out, I am not the only one. As for Udemy course, it has some amazing guided meditations. For example, on meeting and consulting your guide or creating your space - that stuff is so powerful. And, of course, I love the Reiki principals.)

As for 2018, there are still some areas in my life that I need to get a good push for developing better habits.

One of the Buddhist vows for lay practitioners listed on The Mind Illuminated author's site, is "I undertake the precept to refrain from activities and behaviors that cause dullness of mind." Originally, the vow was probably referring to drugs such as alcohol, but I think these days it is applicable to such things as procrastinating online. My mind definitely gets dull from spending time on the Interwebs - I get tired, scatterbrained, forgetful and lazy.

I really need to do something about it. It's been better in 2017, but nowhere near ideal yet. So, my resolution is to stick to a routine that I came up with after reading The Artist's Way. One of the exercises in that book is one week without reading - any kind of reading. I had an amazing week when I tried that. I was unable to procrastinate online or with books. I had all this time on my hands and that left me with nothing else but to do things that I should be doing. So, I want to do a "No Reading" year with few allowances:

  • Instagram feed for 30 minutes on the 1st of the month, reddit for one hour on 15th of the month
  • No reading (online, books, magazines) on weekdays, except for studying (Italian, etc.)
  • Ok to read books for one hour on Friday evening and weekend days
  • Ok to spend time online for one hour on Saturday
  • Ok to devote time to my blog but for 30 minutes a day only
  • Ok to check e-mail twice a day

I've been pretty good about staying away from news. I plan to continue this year. No news sites whatsoever.

My second resolution is exercising. I've been really bad about about that. So, in 2018, I resolve to go to the gym twice a week (for 30 minutes minimum) and take yoga classes twice a month.

I think that these two resolutions will make a big difference in a way I live my life.

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