A Witness

This video inspired me to write a thank you letter to New York City. I realize, that lately, I've been mostly walking its streets with a goal in mind, a destination. But there is another kind of walking, a therapeutic one, where you just walk and just be.

This city, it is a witness and a teacher. You become a New Yorker once you experience crying in the subway. I remember my first time. I also had an experience where love overflowed from me into every person in the subway, every person on the street. There have been lots of miracles and a few heartaches. The city witnessed it all.

I've lived and worked in so many neighborhoods, I can draw you a map with exact locations of where things happened. Things that stuck in my mind. I am pretty sure I met a few enlightened beings: you can be on a subway platform or go to the post office and meet, maybe just in passing, someone that will inspire you for the rest of your life.

Some people say that they can't stand it and they hate it and that turns me into a fierce protector. They simply should move on to another place. New York can can be dirty and smelly and violent and crowded and absolutely crazy, but it has a spirit of a living being that does not hesitate to embrace you and show you wonders.

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