Back in the U.S. of A.

Just returned from a trip to Russia. Do you ever wonder what Russians bring for themselves from Russia? For me, it is usually food and books. Here is what I got this time:

Иван-чай a.k.a. кипрей tea (fireweed tea) seems to be everywhere. All supermarkets in my city carry it now (while I do not recall seeing it at all during my previous trip two years ago) and there is even a store that specializes exclusively in it. When I went hiking as a child, I remember my family always pointing out fireweed plants but I do not recall how they described it. Probably they mentioned that it can be used for tea or that it grows where forest fires were - forest fires are a big problem in the summer in the region where I grew up. Anyway, time for me to try what it is all about.

Got this book based on a recommendation from Bookademy. She has mentioned how she loves Bunin's stories. Not sure if that is the particular book she prefers, but looking forward to reading this in Russian.


Saw a documentary last night about a composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. I knew nothing about him, but after the film and a Q&A with Mr. Sakomoto and the director, I left the theater so inspired.

Bach and Tarkovsky were featured prominently in the movie and my hands were basically itching to come home and play some Bach! :) I also must see Tarkovsky's Solaris asap. What took me so long?

There is Bach's theme in Solaris and Mr. Sakomoto did his own interpretation of that theme. I found it online today and listened to it about 100 times. I cried at the beauty of it.

2018 Tribeca Film Festival

I am looking forward to seeing a bunch of films at the Tribeca Film Festival. Above is one of the documentaries I am particularly interested in - Tanzania Transit. And to continue with an African theme, there is also The Serengeti Rules.

I would like to see Blowin' Up - about "an experimental court in Queens that focuses on advocating for, rather than bringing to trial, women brought in on prostitution".

As for narratives, I am looking forward to The St. Bernard Syndicate, The Miseducation of Cameron Post and Zoe. There is even Chekhov's The Seagull but I don't think I can make it to that one.

I Gotta Clean That

This might be my top second favorite video on the Interwebs. The first one is still this one.

A Huge Spectacular Birthday Celebration

I tend not to care at all about my birthdays. Often, I don't even remember my age and have to do the math first in my head to figure it out. :) However, this year is going to be different. You see, I've stayed away from processed sugar since last May and promised myself that around my birthday, I can have any sweets I want. After the upcoming gorging, I am going back to "no sugar" rule again. By the way, I did not miss sugary things at all throughout the year and had no cravings. The amazing sweetness of fruit is what I've been enjoying.

During the multi-part celebration, I plan to get the following:

(1) Vegan croissant and cannoli donuts from Peaceful Provisions. I hope they still make those!

(2) I want to try rolled ice cream for the first time from Frozen Sweet. They have vegan options.

(3) Van Leeuwen ice cream. Hope they will have vegan hazelnut flavor on the day when I go.

(4) Pies are amazing at Modern Love. A slice for me, please!

A Tiny Ballerina

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Loving this tiny ballerina!

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Lenù & Lila

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Did you see the actresses they've picked for the adaptation of Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend? I need to hurry and read the last three books in the series before this airs.

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MGMT Does Brooklyn

MGMT, you still got it!

Had a tiny bit of hope that they would play my all time favorite, Siberian Breaks, but I understand that it is a 12-minute monster and would take a lot. All forgiven. :)

When in Ghent, Belgium

That this exists is a great wonder. Also, a reason to go to Belgium.